The GLO centrifuge

The GLO centrifuge is pre-programmed to use with GLO PRP treatments. On this page you can find information on the device and its features. Please contact us for more detail.

​GLO Centrifuge Performance

  • Compact design with automatic door release
  • Max. 4,000 rpm/2,826 g, Time setting to 99 min 59 sec or continuous
  • Rapid acceleration and deceleration
  • “SOFT” start/stop function for gentle acceleration/deceleration
  • Digital display of speed and time
  • Automatic RPM/RCF conversion
  • Automatic recognition and alarms for imbalance, over‐speed and over‐heat
  • Program memory for up to 10
  • Unique air‐flow cooling internal design
  • Three layered safe door with auto‐lock function
  • Complete with autoclavable, fixed angle rotor (16 x 15 mℓ tubes) or swing‐out rotor (4 wings or 6 wings) with buckets (50 mℓ, 15 mℓ, 2 x 15 mℓ, etc)
  • A range of adaptors being available for both rotors for tubes from 3 mℓ to 15 mℓ

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