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Glofinn Oy is a Finnish Biotechnology company with focus on advanced regenerative medicine.

From its headquarters in Salo, Finland, Glofinn Oy serves as a central hub to fast growing network of distributors, medical trainers and customers throughout all European nations. Our main product line is a highly innovative, efficient, cost effective, simple and safe to use medical device to prepare a high quality autologous Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP).  Supported by Glofinn's extensive network of leading PRP experts, we are able to continously furnish our clients on the latest PRP therapy concepts and advanced PRP products. 

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Glofinn Oy is a biotechnology & medical research firm in charge of sales, marketing and distribution in Europe.  Glofinn Co., Ltd. is a Korean based medical researcher and the manufacturer of GLO PRP products.  Glofinn America, LLC manages sales, marketing, and distribution in the Americas, Asia, Oceania and Middle East.

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