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Bio Beauty through your own Body

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is widely used in surgery as platelets promote wound healing and repair by attracting growth factors. Because of it’s[AT1]   regenerative properties it has been welcomed to aesthetic medicine with great success.

Treatments area is wide; dark circles around eyes, fine lines and wrinkles, wrinkled neck and décolleté, hands, textural improvement, dull/dry skin, full face rejuvenation, hair volume.

After approximately 3 weeks you can see the results; the skin become less wrinkly, glowing and it’s complexion is rosier, especially around the eyes and dark circles are brightened.

PRP can also be injected in combination with your own fat (autologous fat + autologous PRP), then the volume effect is immediate. Autologous fat with PRP has same effect as fillers – to fill and give volume, but without any allergic reaction.

Advantages of GLO PRP therapy

  • it is autologous (derived from patients own body)
  • no risk of allergy
  • no rejection
  • long lasting effect