The most effective on the market

PRP: a unique biological and risk free solution for severe ocular surface problems

Treatment of patients suffering from significant dry eye symptoms with blood-derived eye drops (Platelet Rich Plasma, PRP) proved to be very effective, improving both patient symptoms and major clinical signs. As platelets are rich in growth factors for tissue regeneration, PRP can be used to treat refractory corneal defects. Autologous PRP eye drops are actually used in the treatment of many ocular diseases. Autologous means that the donor and the recipient are the same person.

GLO PRP is the most simple, yet most efficient Platelet Rich Plasma Kit in the market.  Single body kit and controllable PRP concentration. Moreover, it is very important to prepare for ocular treatment yellow PRP, with no RBC (Red Blood Cells). GLO PRP Kit is able to produce RBC free high concentration yellow PRP.

PRP is a safe and effective therapeutic tool to enhance epithelial wound healing in ocular surface disorders such as dry eye, ulcers, ocular surface syndrome, corneal perforations, and many different ocular surface disorders. Typically, a patient receives eight to twelve vials, which can be frozen (– 20°C) and stored until required. One vial can be used for one week, after that remaining drops must be discarded.  PRP eye drops should be used 4 – 6 times/day for at least six weeks.


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