GLO PRP - the most effective on the market

Standardized plasma

Initial RBC & PLT level independence

Our system takes into consideration the individually different initial PLT & RBC concentrations and standardizes the plasma.

Easy & accurate buffy coat separation

PRP with Buffy Coat allows PLT concentration of x4 ~ 8 the initial level compared to maximum x3 without Buffy Coat.

glo prp

Double spin method

1st spin - RBC separation frm PLT

First centrifuge spin separates RCB from PLT. RBC can be comfortably and securely removed. The patient benefits from a significantly improved therapy comfort.

glo prp

2nd spin - PLT rich separation from PLT poor plasma

Highly concentrated PRP with Buffy Coat can be comfortably and securely withdrawn. Even the remaining PPP can be used for additional applications.

glo prp


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